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Compete against yourself or in teams together with your colleagues. A fun challenge for a healthier, more alert workforce.

With the JobOut App, you get free access to videos, instructions and tips. You can easily set daily notifications and track your stats. Get started today.

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Exercises based on body part
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One JobOut = One exercise found in the app.

You can do several JobOuts per day. We recommend at least 2 per day.

The corporate wellness manager, head of human resources or anyone who has a passion for a healthier workplace.

Each month, a new goal is set based on how many people are in the team. We recommend that the employer sets up some form of reward to motivate increased activity in the workplace.

You can decide when to do your JobOuts yourself. We recommend that you take an active pause several times during the day.

Get started withJobOut Appa fun challengea healthy workplacea healthier daily routine

Personal data that we share with JobOut is used to measure performed JobOuts. The personal data is also accessed by JobOut administrators and administrators in your organisation if you are included in an organisation account. We will not share your data without your permission, and we strive to keep your data secure and prevent unauthorised access. You have the right to request a copy of the personal data that we store about you or have it erased. Send an email to and we will assist you.