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Everything you need for a healthier classroom.

Products for the whole class

To contribute to better health in school, we've developed products that will facilitate and motivate activity and motion even in the classroom. All products are developed in close collaboration with experts in ergonomics, motor development, training and health.







What does the research say?

Research shows that activity increases children's ability to learn. When you move, you become more alert and feel better. It also affects concentration, memory, mood, sleep, creativity and stress resistance - even your personality and intelligence. You simply think faster and can put in an extra mental gear.

jobout i klassrummet

Doing simpler physical activities, switching between sitting and standing, pedaling a sitting cycle, balancing and activating the hands, affects the brain's alertness and can facilitate concentration and focus.

JobOut has developed products that makes it easier to perform these activities.

Susanne Wolmesjö
Specialist, educator in motor development, training and health.
 CEO for Education in Motion Ltd.

By using JobOut's products, we have created a more varied classroom with workplaces that meet our students' different needs. Someone is standing, another is cycling and others have pillows on the chairs. The products are now natural elements in our classroom that the students feel helps them.

Östra Lugnets school in Växjö

JobOut's classroom project aims to create active and healthy classrooms with the possibility of activity breaks, so-called brain-breaks. By using products that incentivizes movement during classes, we facilitate children's learning process in a healthy and sustainable way.


As a result of movement, children become more alert and feel better, as well as gaining increased concentration and focus.


Research shows that ergonomics & movement in school are important for increased learning.


Ergonomics in the school environment is as important as in the workplace or home office - don't forget that!

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