Everything you need for a healthy classroom

JobOut in the classroom

JobOut wishes to promote improved health in schools and has therefore developed various functional products that will facilitate and motivate activity and movement in the classroom.

Our products are developed in close collaboration with experts in ergonomics, motor development, exercise and health.

What does the research say?

Research shows that physical activity increases children's capacity to learn. When you move, you become more alert and feel better which in turn affects concentration, memory, mood, sleep, creativity and stress tolerance – even personality and intelligence. Simply put, you think faster and can shift up an extra mental gear.


JobOut's classroom project aims to create active and healthy classrooms with the opportunity for active pauses, so-called brain-breaks.

By implementing products which offer the opportunity to move during lesson time, we can facilitate children's learning processes in a healthy and sustainable manner.


By using JobOut's products, we have created a more varied classroom with workplaces that cater for pupils' different needs. One stands, another cycles and others have cushions on their chairs. The products are now integral elements in our classroom which the pupils feel they have been helped by.


Östra Lugnets skola i Växjö

Performing simple physical activities, switching between sitting and standing, using a pedal exerciser, balancing and activating the hands affect the brain's alertness and can facilitate concentration and focus. JobOut has developed products that facilitate these activities getting done.

Susanne Wolmesjö

Specialist, educator in motor development, exercise and health. CEO of Education in Motion AB