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Balance boards

A balance board activates your senses in an understated way. It stimulates your balance and strengthens your foot muscles while increasing blood circulation.

Multifunctional balance board that follows your development

Our most popular balance board is the multi-functional version that can be adapted to your level of development. ​ You can combine the different components based on the right degree of difficulty for you at the time. 

Find your level

Everyone has their own unique health condition, not least when it comes to strength and sense of balance. So it can be difficult to know which balance board’s best for each individual. JobOut has a range of four balance boards, two of which are at a lower level of difficulty. They’re usually used for longer periods, for example when your aim is to get a more active standing position throughout the working day. The other two offer a higher degree of difficulty – especially the round one. With these, you can really test the limits of your balance and strengthen your foot muscles. 

Low difficulty

Low difficulty

Adjustable difficulty

High difficulty

Three reasons to use a balance board