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Ergonomics for your home office 

Buy from us before you have to 

Buying products to prevent ill health can feel a bit morbid, but there are plenty of reasons to think again. 

Increased energy

Many home workers often sit uncomfortably and unergonomically, but with the right products that stimulate movement, you can have more energy during the day. 

Preventative measures 

We know that monotony and static working positions are behind a lot of days lost to illness. Stay healthy by preventing possible work injuries. 

More productive 

If you can work a few percent more efficiently thanks to a good work environment, you'll enjoy higher productivity. Simply more energy for other things. 


Four tips for healthy working from home 

Popular standing mat for home offices 

Alternating between sitting and standing tasks is good for your muscles, blood circulation and posture. Unlike your usual workplace, if you’re at home, you can create a slightly different interior design. Our premium designer rugs are crafted to be good for both your body and your Instagram feed.  

Adjustable table for home offices 

If you don’t yet have an adjustable desk like the one at the office for your home, we have the solution for you. Our adjustable desktop table’s easy to move but sturdy enough to stand steadily on your existing desk. As working from home has increased in recent years, we’ve seen high demand for this product precisely because lots of people don’t have the same type of desk at home as they do at work. Our adjustable table is also commonly used as a stand for external monitors. Thanks to the fact that it’s adjustable between 7-40 cm in height, you can have your monitor at the perfect eye level without having to use a stack of books as a base.   

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Use your wellness allowance via Benify 

If your employer is affiliated with Benify, you can use your annual wellness allowance to buy products at JobOut. There’s even a special discount for you on all products. 

Tell your boss about JobOut 

Feel like JobOut would benefit not only our home office but also your regular workplace? Click the button below to share a link to our website with your manager or a colleague. We’re happy to help you see how we can make your workplace healthier and more productive. 

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