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Boost health in the workplace

Having healthy staff leads to better results, reduced costs and happy faces in the cafeteria.

Great atmosphere and black numbers go hand in hand.

To be an attractive employer, it is important to invest in the health of your staff. It is the employer’s responsibility to create and maintain a good working environment. Giving your staff the opportunity to exercise during the working day benefits the entire company.

Higher productivity

After all, we humans are not machines. Energetic and healthy employees can perform better while making the same effort.

Improved concentration

An unexpected side effect of a more active lifestyle is an increased ability to concentrate, allowing us to remain focused more easily – especially in open-plan offices.

Better community

Partaking in physical activity is actually easier in a group. Also, energetic and happy people interact with each other differently compared to less healthy people.

Reduced stress levels

Stress is sometimes described as a modern day disease. We must take stress seriously in order to protect both the individual and the workplace. Physical activity has a proven positive effect on stress levels.

Reduced need for substitutes

If staff stay healthier, the need to find replacements decreases in both the short and long term. This is a headache for many managers today who need to ensure the right staffing.

Lower staff turnover

Healthy staff are often happier staff. Dissatisfied people are more likely to want to change employer as poor health can be linked to the workplace.

This is what some customers say

VismaAnna Westin, HR specialist
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Without motivated employees, our company stops. Therefore, it is vital for us to be at the forefront and work preemptively. Through JobOut's carefully planned and quality-assured concept, we get that opportunity.
SamhallIngrid Johansson, Local area manager
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It has exceeded my expectations, I am glad that the employees help and support each other together to do their exercises. The JobOut initiative aspires to help the employees strengthen their bodies in order to maintain their ability to work and feel good at work.
Växjö Municipality
Växjö MunicipalityÖstra Lugnets School
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By using JobOut’s products, we’ve created a more varied classroom with different workplaces that meet the diverse needs of our many students. Some are standing up, others are on a bike, and others have cushions on their chairs. The products are now a natural part of our classroom and students feel they’re helping them.

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