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Balance cushions

Sitting actively during your working day has a number of positive health benefits for your whole body. Active sitting makes you sit upright, meaning you’re forced to stretch your body and move. You activate your back and core muscles, while improving your posture and increasing your blood circulation and metabolism.

Bestseller for the home office

As working from home has become more common, it’s placed higher demands on our home setups. On the other hand at home, unlike your workplace, you might have certain needs and desires regarding design and layout. JobOut places high demands on our design and material selection processes so you never have to compromise on look or feel. 

Design balance cushions

Flat or sloping balance board? It’s probably quite hard to know if you haven’t tested one before. So let’s explain the difference. Both balance boards promote upright posture and activated core muscles, but the sloping shape of the latter model forces you into a slightly more forward-leaning position. 

Standard balance cushion

Our regular balance cushion has the same properties as the Design version, but without the stylish fabric cover. The top side’s bumpy in order to stimulate blood circulation, while the bottom side’s smoother. Flipping the cushion to get the sitting surface you want. 

Three reasons to use a balance cushion