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Standing mats

Using a standing mat daily offers a lot of benefits. If you haven’t tried one before, you might not feel the need for a standing mat, but once you get used to them, it’s hard to imagine your working day without one. Let us guide you to the right standing mat for you and save your energy.

A timeless classic

JobOut’s most classic rug is a comfortable, quality faux leather rug that matches the style of most offices. Its stylish, discreet design is combined with a cushioning effect that gives you more endurance on long workdays. 

The standing mat for style-conscious feet

Our design collection borrows the stylish features of our classic standing mat but has a high-quality felt surface and genuine leather pendant. Mats in this collection have an exclusive feel that’s the perfect finishing touch in a stylish Scandinavian-inspired office. The perfect mat for offices, shops and people who don’t want to compromise on design (or function).

Designer mats

Our designer collection has been one of our most popular ranges, as it combines comfort and function with exclusive-looking design. We’ve taken inspiration from our Scandinavian origins in order to create four stylish mats that work well in most modern office and business environments. Stand in style!

Classic standing mats

Our classic standing mats are discreet and functional. Our Classic Standing Mat is a stylish, discreet and light mat designed for office environments. Standing mat is adapted to tougher surroundings in which traffic’s higher and dirt resistance is important. Whatever mat you choose, we promise you comfortable days spent standing to improve your health and posture. 

Special standing mats

Our users have always been important to us, and the following products are a result of your great feedback. Our standing mat with footrest allows for a lot of position changes, giving a varied standing stance. Balance standing mat is a soft mat with memory foam that activates your core and leg muscles. It’s excellent for standing on barefoot and probably our best mat for giving your body a workout. Our Massage standing mat provides the perfect relief, as you can stand, walk or lie down for short periods to stimulate your blood circulation and wellbeing.

Stand comfortably on working days

By standing up for a few hours every day, your metabolism, blood circulation and therefore energy levels all increase. You also get better posture, increased balance and a stronger body. JobOut wants to contribute to increased health at work and a key factor is promoting varied workplaces with standing mats as an important component. If you’re standing comfortably, you’ll stand more often! If you want to work standing up but don’t have an adjustable desk, we’ve got the solution. Check out our adjustable desktop table. Because you can easily change the desktop table’s position, you enjoy a working day in which you mix standing up and sitting down naturally. 

Three reasons to use a standing mat