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Recovery and massage

For that reason, modern people need massage

Massage has a thousand-year-old history and today is available in lots of different forms – from hard sports massage to relaxation with soothing music. Some people might have their opinions on massage, but it’s something many of us appreciate. Getting up from a massage bench isn’t just a beautiful feeling, it’s also kind of liberating. You might feel your blood’s circulating nicely, or that some sore spot has worked itself out.

Why do our muscles hurt? There’s no simple answer, but we at JobOut focus on ergonomics and workplace health. So it’s only natural for us to be concerned about how you stand and sit throughout the workday. We spend about a third of our day at work, so what happens there has a significant impact on our health. Humans have been around for millions of years, but looking at things from that perspective, desk chairs, keyboards and smartphones are more or less brand new. Static working positions and poor posture are unfortunately not at all uncommon in offices today.

As with many things, there’s rarely a quick fix for stiff muscles. The key is consistency, meaning it’s best to gradually soften your body over a longer period of time so as not to go back to your old ways. Some people receive wellness benefits from work, making it possible to get a financial contribution towards massage treatments, but to be honest, few people go for massages as often as they’d like to. So the best thing is to periodically use simple tools you have close at hand at home or the office. Our most popular product is our massage stick, which makes it possible to reach trigger points on your back and shoulders yourself. 

Why massage is important